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Simple Leadership: To Lead, You Must Tell Stories

Written by James O. Rodgers

Leadership is a simple activity – but “simple” does not mean “easy.” As Chip Heath, professor of organizational behavior at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, says, “effective leaders are masters of simplicity.” What he means is that leaders are good at identifying the most critical core elements of strategies and highlighting them consistently.

Scott Page’s Timeless Formulas For Diversity’s Success

Written by James O. Rodgers

Formulas For Diversity’s Success

At this point, The Difference is seven years old, but it is still as relevant as ever. That’s because Scott Page’s message is timeless: the importance of a rational, logical, value-driven approach to diversity (and diversity management). According to Page, diversity can be a powerful force in problem solving. In fact, diversity trumps sheer ability: diverse groups of people produce better outcomes than similarly skilled but non-diverse groups.