Putting Employees First: People-Centered Approaches To Management

Written by James O. Rodgers

approaches to management

If we want to see how current management thinking has evolved, we should first review history. The formal study of management is a relatively new concept: it began in the late nineteenth century, when Henri Fayol introduced his 14 principles of management. Frederick Taylor further formalized the study of management when he introduced the principles of scientific management.

Stop Managing Millennials: Manage The Individual

Written by James O. Rodgers

managing millennials

By 2015, Millennials will represent the largest generational cohort in the workforce. If you believe some of the leading news sources, this will be the apocalypse. According to them, Millennials are strange creatures that do not play by the old rules of the workplace.

If you ask me, this sensationalism hardly qualifies as journalism. Millennials are not much different than the generations that came before them. Worse, when people buy in to the myth that Millennials are an entirely new breed, they try to manage Millennials as a group. In reality, they should concentrate on managing Millennials as individuals. When you try to manage a group instead of a person, you start stereotyping — and this can lead to huge mistakes in the war for top talent.