An author, speaker, facilitator, business coach, and certified management consultant (CMC), James Rodgers has spent more than fifteen years teaching businesses how to utilize the principles of diversity management to drive innovation, superior performance, and better business results overall.

Jim has worked with more than 160 organizations, offering audiences a compelling message in direct, digestible language that uses humor, wisdom, and thought-provoking dialogue to drive his points home. Jim’s focus on how to achieve bottom-line results through the practice of diversity management sets him apart from other thought leaders in the field. He is unique in his ability to balance the hard, strategic, and logical aspects of management theory with the soft, interpersonal, and human-centric skills of management practice.

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Key speaking topics:

  • Managing differently
  • How to cope when you are different
  • Leadership lessons from a community organizer
  • Leading and managing
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Using diversity to foster growth
  • Why understanding culture matters