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  • A PowerPoint presentation on corporate culture and its importance to companies.
  • A white paper on the James O. Rodgers approach to coaching.
  • A white paper outlining The Framework for the Deliberate Diversity™ style of diversity management.
  • Case studies and practices pertaining to our Executive Teaming initiatives.
  • A detailed outline of the trials faced by Johnson & Johnson, how The Diversity CoachSM was able to help them overcome and flourish, and what the lessons they learned can teach other companies and leaders .
  • An article on Diversity Management in the public sector, excerpted from the Diversity Management Handbook for the Public Sector.
  • An article on Deliberate Diversity™, originally published inInsight Into Diversity.
  • Full video downloads of the “Help Me Help You” and “How to Get 100% from 100% of Your People 100% of the Time” presentations teased on the site.