Getting Value From Diversity

Now that you have learned how to get diversity, let us show you how to get value from diversity through diversity management. This is what we have learned:

Research Has Demonstrated:

  • Quality decision-making
  • Innovation
  • Execution
  • Going from Good to Great

…are all made possible when you employ teams which are diverse, dispersed and independent, with a capability for managing collective meaning (diversity management).

The Truth About Diversity

  • Diversity is a fact of life.
  • Diversity activates our blind spots.
  • Diversity creates tension, increases complexity, and slows down decision making.
  • Diversity tension means that there are going to be times when you will feel uncomfortable.
  • Diversity alone (just having it) has no value.

Diversity Management

  • Diversity Management is a deliberate effort to manage the reality that diversity exists simply because we are human.
  • The goal of Diversity Management is not to get more diversity… it is to get world-class results with the diversity you have.
  • Diversity Management, not Diversity, is the key.

Effective Diversity Management

  • Allows us to take advantage of diversity of thought that comes from diversity of experience, background and attributes.
  • Places the emphasis on what we do with diversity rather than getting diversity.
  • Is the responsibility of managers, not leaders.

Diversity Solutions

Through our comprehensive service offerings, we work with organizations to prepare the ground for change and ensure that it takes root.

Effective Diversity Management doesn’t start with learning data about others so you won’t offend them… it starts with you learning to manage YOUR OWN STUFF!

Managing Differently™ helps you get 100%. You can get it because they want to give it. It’s your most important job. Your leaders are (should be) demanding it.

Getting 100% is how you get value from diversity. Learn more about how we get there.

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