Approaching diversity management as a key business strategy enables clients to effectively leverage diversity and benefit from unique perspectives, talents, and skills of their leaders, managers, and employees. Getting 100% from 100% of your people 100% of the time is not only a realistic and attainable goal, it is the key to success in the 21st Century. Through our comprehensive service offerings,The Diversity CoachSM works with organizations to prepare the ground for change and ensure that it takes root.

Executive Teaming

Workplace Diversity
Do you understand your diversity strengths? Companies who simply accept diversity as a fact of life and develop strategies for utilizing it, experience significant organizational growth.

Each member of a team possesses unique skills; in successful teams, these individual strengths complement one another, creating a cohesive whole that is more than the sum of its parts. Executive Teaming enables leaders to discover how to leverage this diversity of expertise, experience, and perspective to develop stronger relationships and become the guiding force for positive change within their organizations.

What is keeping your organization from achieving objectives and meeting strategic goals? What is preventing performance from reaching breakthrough levels? How can your executive team lead change initiatives more effectively and confidently? The Diversity Coach’sSM  Executive Teaming process focuses on the client’s unique situation and crafts a solution that will best meet their needs.

Through Executive Teaming, leaders will be able to:

  • Identify strengths that can be leveraged.
  • Identify behaviors that limit success.
  • Accept greater accountability.
  • Identify obstacles to effective decision-making.
  • Increase candor and trust.
  • Engage in “Courageous Conversations.”
  • Develop recommendations for aligning strategy and execution.
  • Plan learning and development activities to continue growth and development.

At the heart of every challenge – and every opportunity – is people. The Diversity CoachSM is committed to helping teams understand and leverage the value of each member and magnify the contribution to the whole. Creative and targeted learning experiences allow teams to explore challenging issues, process the information constructively, and use that insight to become more effective leaders of more successful organizations.

Executive Coaching

Leaders do not lead because they expect it to be easy, and most leaders do not struggle because they lack the skills and capacity for greatness.

As leadership responsibilities grow, pressures mount, and the care of the organization’s wellbeing fall more heavily on their shoulders, busy executives can develop bad habits that impede success – both their own and that of their companies. The goal of the Coaching Beyond Belief™ program is to not to “teach” you to be an executive; it is to remind you of the unique spark you have – and to reignite it.

The Diversity Coach’sSM Executive Coaching program is based on the belief that every person has a unique combination of gifts, skills, and talents that they can use to achieve exceptional things in life and work. We get in our own way, though, and block those gifts from bearing fruit. We stagnate, form unproductive habits, develop blind spots, or “breathe our own exhaust.” Our expert coaches help executives and teams gain the perspective they need to explore their own depths and transform good intentions into great results.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

Clients who put in the work can expect to gain:

  • Perspective and clarity.
  • Insight into unproductive habits and ability to alter these patterns.
  • Confidence in skills and abilities so they can make the tough decisions.
  • Improved image and performance.
  • Competency in leading and managing diverse employees.
  • Accountability for their actions.
  • Tangible results.

We are committed to helping organizations get 100% effort from 100% of their people 100% of the time – and that starts with its leaders.

Is Executive Coaching for You?

It is if you:

  • Recognize the need for change.
  • Are willing to change.
  • Are able to change.

Coaching is not for the curious; it is for the dedicated. Through this intensive process, executives work with our coaches to develop and strengthen strategic, behavioral, and tactical aspects of their work. From framing their value to working with teams to approaching difficult clients, executives explore their own strengths and weaknesses in order to overcome barriers and seize opportunities. These candid conversations are challenging, and those who are ready for change will use them as a springboard for action.

What to Expect

Our private roster coaching is available in the following formats:

Annual Subscriptions. This includes:

  • A rigorous intake process that explores natural tendencies, goals, and desired behavioral changes.
  • Twelve monthly, one-hour sessions.
  • Up to 6 spot coaching sessions (typically 10 minutes or less each) via phone, email, or texting.
  • One group session (in person or via web conferencing) to take advantage of peer advice and guidance for most pressing or persistent business problems.

Six Month Subscriptions. This includes:

  • A rigorous intake process that explores natural tendencies, goals, and desired behavioral changes.
  • 6 monthly phone sessions with pre-call planning and post-call review to prepare for and reinforce learning.
  • Renewal option at either annual or six-month level.

The Diversity CoachSM invites you to download these helpful resources to learn more about our unique approach to executive coaching and how your leaders, and organization, can benefit.

Speaking Engagements

ames Rodgers is an author, speaker, master facilitator, natural coach, and certified management consultant (CMC). He has spent the last fifteen years teaching and learning how to use the principles of diversity management as a catalyst for superior performance.

After working with over 160 organizations in over 300 engagements, and studying the work of other thought leaders from other disciplines, Jim now offers his audiences a compelling message in simple language that can be easily digested and then executed. What distinguishes him from other thought leaders in his field is his passion for using diversity management to promote creativity, innovation, productivity, high performance, and bottom line results. Yet his message is delivered in a dispassionate, thought-provoking, wisdom laden, and sometimes humorous manner. He is unique in his ability to successfully navigate the hard, strategic, logical content of his work, and still master the soft, interpersonal, humanistic content.

The principles of Managing Differently: Getting 100% from 100% of your people 100% of the time are    gaining popularity around the globe. Managing Differently refers to the 21st century imperative that every  manager and leader recognize and acknowledge the unique character of each employee and that they  deliberately create a workplace where every employee experiences “dignity at work”. The reward for  managing each employee as an individual , not as a part of a dimensional group, is that they are willing and  committed to give 100%of their strengths and talents to contribute to the organization’s objectives.

Contact James today

Diversity Management

Satisfied with your diversity maturity? Now it’s time to learn how to leverage your employee’s differences to generate organizational growth and positive business results.

What is the next step for organizations that have grown aware, sensitive, and diversity mature? James Rodgers, president and principal consultant of The Diversity CoachSM has developed a new concept in the field of diversity management: Deliberate Diversity™. The next step for companies that have created a culture of inclusion and implemented a diversity strategy, this management discipline allows continued growth to ensure organizations get the best out of their people in order to achieve better business results. This is where diversity and management intersect.

Deliberate Diversity™ is a management discipline that has:

A Purpose:

To get the best from all of your people and achieve better results.

A Process:

A disciplined seven-step approach that can become natural to managers as they do their work of managing excellence.

A Payoff:

Increased efficiency, effectiveness, and execution leading to tangible business results. Implementing Deliberate Diversity™ creates optimal conditions for:

    • Quality decision making
    • Breakthrough innovation
    • Productive ideation
    • Efficient problem solving
    • More accurate prediction
    • Increased productivity
    • High performance teaming

Organizations asking, “What do we do now? What’s next?”, can find their answers with Deliberate Diversity™.

Culture Scan

Diversity & Culture

Organizational culture is a key component of effective diversity management. Learn how to inspire a workplace culture built on celebrating individual strengths.

If we do not understand culture, any change initiative is a game of darts played blindfolded. Culture is subconscious, and it informs every aspect of life within an organization. By understanding the unique personality of an organization, we can identify the barriers that may impede efforts to implement a diversity management strategy, as well as the behaviors that we can leverage for effective, sustainable progress. CultureScan™ is an investigative tool that takes off the blindfold and maps out organizational culture so we can influence it to internalize and execute the desired change.

CultureScan™ is a two to three month process that fully examines an organization’s personality and readiness for change. Of critical importance is the participation of leaders and an internal culture team, comprised of a diverse range of people from all levels of the organization. The insights of this team are invaluable, and the bottom-up approach supports top-down leadership, increasing engagement and buy-in. Other information-gathering methods include:

    • Surveys.
    • Interviews with senior executives.
    • Focus groups.
    • Archival research.

The data that results from this comprehensive process is analyzed and used to create targeted recommendations. With these, we can develop strategy to counter obstacles and strengthen and support the behaviors that will drive change. The Diversity CoachSM invites you to explore these resources to learn more about CultureScan™ and how it can be the first step in implementing a diversity management strategy and making it an ingrained part of your culture.

Managing By The Numbers

Today’s workplace is afflicted by an “Epidemic of Under-Management.” We have become so enamored with the concept of leadership that we have clearly under-recognized and under-developed the “noble role” of managing people. And we are just beginning to appreciate the cost, the value and the promise of ever-increasing human diversity.

Managing by the Numbers is a concept and a course of learning that addresses this issue.

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